Talking Hendrix

March 17, 2017 assist.program 0

Talking Hendrix Wednesday evenings from 5-7 p.m. Talking Hendrix with Ed Wrobleski Talking Hendrix focuses in on the music of legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix, but not every week is all about Jimi. Some of our shows are interviews with classic artists such as Bobby Hart of the sixties duo Boyce and Hart, also people like DJ Rich ...… Read the rest

Pickled Beats w/ DJ GLDLDR

March 16, 2017 assist.program 0

Pickled Beats LIVE! Wednesday Nights, 9-10pm "From groovy downtempo to heavy electro, hip hop, and everything in between, Pickled Beats offers a variety of vinegar soaked beats that are sure to make your earbuds hungry for more. Everyone wants to be fresh, but these beats are preserved to perfection.” Join DJ GLDLDR in the jar every Wednesday at ...… Read the rest

The New England Unsettler w/ Elias Kosznik

February 13, 2017 assist.program 0

The New England Unsettler with host Elias Kosznik LIVE! Mondays at 5pm The New England Unsettler is an audio journal of minor sabotage: fringe theory, deep ecology, radical politics, the unusual, and the underground. Through hyperreality bytes produced by panopticonartists, The Unsettler will illogically document the unreasonable for a freer, post-structuralist, thoroughly decentralized world.… Read the rest

13 Most Haunted

January 30, 2017 assist.program 0

13 Most Haunted with host Sam Baltrusis "13 Most Haunted" radio show unleashes Fridays 7-8 p.m. on Boston Free Radio Journalist and author Sam Baltrusis leaves no gravestone unturned in his search for New England’s most haunted. From the bloody fingerprints left at former asylums throughout Massachusetts to the haunting legacy of Lizzie Borden in Fall River, Baltrusis ...… Read the rest

Right at Home with Erica Jones

November 14, 2016 assist.program 0

Right at Home with Erica Jones Tuesdays, 4-5pm "Right at Home with Erica Jones" is about storytelling and meaningful connections to each other and to topics that matter. Listen in to enjoy thoughtful banter from many wonderful human beings as we discuss life and also enjoy the intermittent sounds of some heartfelt tunes.… Read the rest

The Pop Culture Experiment

September 22, 2016 assist.program 0

The Pop Culture Experiment Saturdays, 10-11am on Host Patrick Garvin and his guests take one song and then listen to a bunch of cover versions of that song. And the analysis usually includes a lot of geeky pop culture references, including but not limited to "Star Wars," "The X-Files," "Nell," and Madonna songs.… Read the rest

The Misery of Cities

September 6, 2016 assist.program 2

The Misery of Cities Mondays from 8-9 PM Hosted by Kirk Burns Each week The Misery of Cities unearths 40 years of music that has slipped through the cracks of time. From K-tel one-hit wonders to lesser known deep cuts from familiar names of the 60's to the early 2000s, the secret history of psychedelic, new wave, post-punk, indie, and ...… Read the rest

BostONDE Radio

September 1, 2016 assist.program 1

BostONDE Radio! Hosted by Carla Perrotta Saturdays from 11-12PM "Making waves with Boston's all-Italian language program, featuring Italian pop, rock and folk music from yesterday and today!"… Read the rest


August 25, 2016 assist.program 0

  "Help the Jeweler every Friday appraise musical gems weathering well in our time (maintaining an uncommon shine).  Folkie, Oldie, Library, Kraut--there are many to choose but few to crank out." Fridays from 5-7pm… Read the rest

Cruise Control

August 22, 2016 assist.program 0

  Fridays, 4-5pm Hosted by Victor Ng Wind down your Mondays with chillhop and jazzhop soundtracks. Tune in to hear songs from various artists featuring Nujabes, DJ Cam Quartet, Kenji, and many more.… Read the rest

the Watchtower

July 21, 2016 assist.program 0

The Watchtower is a show where two radical dudes named Ben and Desi talk about movies, usually ones pertaining to superheroes, in the form of an excellent radio show at 3PM every Thursday on Boston Free Radio. If you didn't get the message, it's pretty bodacious. Check out their first episode here!… Read the rest

The ‘Villens Den

July 5, 2016 assist.program 0

Tune in to Boston Free Radio every thirsty Thursday from 5 - 7pm to catch the latest episode of The 'Villens Den. Recorded live from Union Square Somerville, The 'Villens Den is a live radio call-in show that shines a spotlight on local artists, musicians, comedians, and other persons of interest from the Somerville/Boston area.… Read the rest


June 13, 2016 assist.program 0

redmilkroe is a miscellany of music and live reading, each week hovering loosely around a theme, all weeks dealing somehow with America. It wants to invoke and juxtapose and incite complex feelings about the country and how it carries itself in the world. It wants to intercalate fiction and non-fiction in a way that appears ...… Read the rest

Techno Trash!

June 3, 2016 assist.program 1

Tune in every Friday morning from 11-12 for music you didn't know you liked and news you didn't know you needed. Reporter Cole Rosengren will be playing his favorite tracks to help you get through the end of the week, talking about his experiences on the trash beat and sharing some local news along the ...… Read the rest

Fresh Greenz

May 24, 2016 assist.program 0

Hosted by Station Manager Heather Mack every Tuesday from 7-8pm, check out the freshest, greenest, dopest new tracks from Boston's best local bands. Featuring a live concert report and encouraging callers to weigh in on local art and music topics, this show brings you an eclectic mix of all things local.… Read the rest

Flexible Relief

May 6, 2016 assist.program 0

Flexible Relief | Fridays 7-8pm | DJ Ole Mic Odd "Vinyl-tripping through dub / reggae / house / techno / electro / r&b / funk / minimal wave / left-field / ebm / jazz / ambient / soundtrack"… Read the rest

Snacks and Treats

May 6, 2016 assist.program 1

SNACKS & TREATS is a music radio show on BFR. I spend a lot of time hunting for records and searching for new music all the time so, I play what ever music I'm into/found leading up to each show.  It's all the greatest hits from all genres and all decades!… Read the rest

Joe Vig Pop Explosion

April 5, 2016 assist.program 0

Joe Vig Pop Explosion explores the essence of pop music with classic recordings, demos and original songwriter renditions of classics (e.g., Jackie DeShannon's original "Bette Davis Eyes," a bit bawdy with pure country and western vs. Kim Carnes techno-pop #1 smash,) interviews with major recording artists from David Clayton Thomas of Blood Sweat and Tears, ...… Read the rest

Voices of Time

September 10, 2014 assist.program 3

Wednesdays, 3-5pm "Voices of Time" while rooted in the Golden Age of Rock, in all its variations, The 1960-1970's, will also explore various other genres and eras, covering Blues, Jazz, Folk, Gospel, Reggae, Country, Blue Grass, Soul, Old School R&B, Zydeco, and World Music.  I will strive to strike the right balance between the familiar and ...… Read the rest

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Unpopular Music

April 22, 2014 assist.program 0

Saturdays, noon-2pm Fred has been describing this program as "freeform", but says it's been skewing towards jazz with some contemporary classical and not-often-played-on-the-radio pop music. He's played people like Steve Lacy, Thelonious Monk, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Miles Davis, Sun Ra and Lee Konitz; newer jazz like Bill Frisell, the Bad Plus,Tim Berne, Vijay Iyer and Dave Douglas; ...… Read the rest

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Words on Film

April 22, 2014 assist.program 0

Tuesdays, 1pm-2pm Dan Burke knows movies.  Dan Burke loves movies.  Dan Burke also loves talking about movies; just not while you're in the theater watching them with him. 'Words On Film' is spoken words dedicated to the love of moving pictures.  Dan reviews the newest films to hit theaters, and gives you his take on the latest movie news.  … Read the rest

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Mr. Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon

March 20, 2014 assist.program 0

Tuesdays, 8pm-9pm Welcome to Mr. Bear's Violet Hour Saloon, where the sky is evening-gorgeous, the drinks won't cloud your head, and the cocktail nuts are poems. Join Mr. Bear every Tuesday at 8 p.m. for music, poetry, fiction, interviews, and more. Making the lonely a little more bearable. Podcasts available at           … Read the rest

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Radiomancy Museum

June 28, 2012 assist.program 1

Tuesdays, 5pm-7pm Radiomancy [n] / 1. the act of subconsciously controlling the sounds you hear on the radio; 2. divining meaning and foretelling the future from randomly selected audio. Dr. Phyllis Vigillante, 'Pataphysician curates the Radiomancy Museum, where audio recordings of all natures are joyfully accepted* and displayed. We are interested in the sounds you can't hear ...… Read the rest

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‘Toppers with Gil

March 7, 2012 assist.program 4

Tuesdays, 3pm-4pm (re-air Thursdays, 9pm-10pm) Joyfully releasing all of the week's "Gil-board" chartbusters every Tuesday at 3PM. It's hop-hop, doo-wop, skiffle and sixteen-beat shuffle-- the very tunes today's Young people demand, along with some sober advice they will probably have to be force-fed. It's the top of the pops for you and yours: 'Toppers!… Read the rest

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She Likes It Heavy

October 19, 2011 assist.program 12

Tuesdays, 10pm-11pm Eastern P-Raj Metal has returned to the west but she can't stop the music!  Her love of metal was inspired by legendary bands Metallica and Neurosis. Her underground metal hour is a mix of old and new: sludge, doom, brutal, progressive, psychedelic, proto, and all things heavy. … Read the rest

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Never Stop the Madness

September 15, 2011 assist.program 1

Tuesdays, 9pm-10pm BLACK METAL - First wave to current, and every blackened sub-genre. (Thrash, Death, Viking, Folk, Experimental, and Ambient) Live, every Tuesday at 9pm EST with your host John Zani.   Playlists and info at Listen to past shows at… Read the rest

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The Bomb Party

June 29, 2011 Program Director 0

Mondays, 7pm-8pm A haphazardly curated show that sometimes has a theme and sometimes doesn't.  There will be mistakes, dead air and drinking.  A love letter to 60's pop, 70's punk rock, 80's new wave and 90's indie rock.… Read the rest