March 24, 2017 assist.program 0

Tangent LIVE! Fridays, 3-4pm Tune in on Fridays from 3-4 for your weekly dose of Tangent, an afternoon meditation session. Never meditated before? That's cool Tori doesn't judge, in fact she's gonna guide you through it with her unorthodox, wonky meditation methods. So tune, and get ready to be more relaxed than you've ever been in your ...… Read the rest

All that Jingles w/ Convival Uncle Dan

November 14, 2016 assist.program 0

All that Jingles w/ Convival Uncle Dan Monday-Thursday 10-12pm  The Holiday Season has arrived, and with it comes great music you hear but once a year.  Take a break from the awkward family gatherings and the stressful holiday shopping and let your Convivial Uncle Dan ease your holiday blues with his unique stash of holiday music. … Read the rest

Death is the Final Stage of Realizing Things

October 26, 2016 assist.program 0

Death is the Final Stage of Realizing Things Fridays, 3-4:30pm on Bostonfreeradio.com A slice of life from your fave (or not so fave) teenage girls. Death is the Final Stage of Realizing things, which runs 3-4:30pm on Fridays, consists of eclectic playlists made by yours truly and my local teen girl friends as well as your weekly ...… Read the rest


August 31, 2016 assist.program 0

Mondays from 9-10pm AboveTheBeyond discusses all things paranormal, extra terrestrial, unknown and unsolved. With special guests and expert insight, tune in and let your mind slip into a world both enlightening and entertaining.… Read the rest


June 13, 2016 assist.program 0

redmilkroe is a miscellany of music and live reading, each week hovering loosely around a theme, all weeks dealing somehow with America. It wants to invoke and juxtapose and incite complex feelings about the country and how it carries itself in the world. It wants to intercalate fiction and non-fiction in a way that appears ...… Read the rest

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Hip Hope Radio

October 2, 2012 assist.program 2

Thursdays, 6pm-7pm (re-airs Sundays, 6pm-7pm) Bringing you the best of interviews with celebrities, musicians, and positive Hip-Hop/R&B! On BostonFreeRadio.com or Live365.com Every Thursday & Sunday night from 6-7PM EST!!! Program website: http://iamhiphope.tumblr.com/ My personal website: www.christopherhope.org… Read the rest

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May 28, 2012 assist.program 2

Wednesdays, 10pm-11pm A trip across the hardcore continuum -- from rave and acid house through jungle, garage, and grime to the current melting pot of "bass music". Exploring rhythmic inventiveness wherever we find it, whether in sampled breakbeats or minimal 808 patterns. Mixed by your host Left Fold.  More info, Twitter, setlists and archives at http://editsradio.org/.… Read the rest

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October 19, 2011 assist.program 0

Saturdays, 2pm-3pm A vertical slice of interesting beats, from bagpipe techno to jazz-influenced turntablism with a focus on more esoteric or older tunes with worldwide influences. Beats Antique, Ninjabes, Martyn Bennett, Modeselektor, etc.… Read the rest

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Rebel Treble

October 19, 2011 assist.program 1

Wednesdays, 8pm-9pm IT'S BACK!! Mosey on down to BFR for the hippest sounds in town. From dusting off some '60s garage nuggets, '70s/'80s post-punk, weird n' wild psychedelia as well as emerging sounds carrying on the tradition of raw rock n' roll.… Read the rest

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The Unspun Variety Show

October 19, 2011 assist.program 2

Mondays, 10pm-midnight Hosted by Rob Hotz, the Unspun Variety Show is home to eclectic listening pleasures & myriad mirth. Weekly features include Another Common Sense, a pragmatic program that features novel ways to think about a world at woe; View from the Banister is a forum for the serious film enthusiast.… Read the rest

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The Weird Circle

September 30, 2011 Program Director 0

THURSDAY 2-3PM http://www.digitaldeliftp.com/DigitalDeliToo/dd2jb-Weird-Circle.html A good story is a good story, whether it was written two weeks ago, two decades ago, or even two centuries ago. And nowhere is that truer than in “The Weird Circle,” a half-hour anthology series that was first aired back in 1943. The stories offered by “The Weird Circle” were generally adapted from popular ...… Read the rest

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Thinkamajig: Everything is Useful

June 29, 2011 Program Director 1

Fridays, noon-2pm Lessons and transgression in philosophy, myth, art, religion, music, objects, events, and poetry. The point is to speak of the life beyond good and evil, in the far-flung and unfettered, and to inspire the freedom of thinking. The show is conducted in thevast boundless by a philosopher, in the company ...… Read the rest

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The Working Man

June 29, 2011 Program Director 0

Wednesdays, 8-9PM http://fromtheworkingman.com/ If you're easily offended then go fuck yourself! We are regular guys from Charlestown, MA that have absolutely nothing to lose! So we decided that a radio show would be the best way to piss people off and get our opinions heard on everything from politics, religion, sex, racism, and so much more!… Read the rest

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Say Something with Yassie Goldie

June 29, 2011 Program Director 0

Mondays, 1pm-2pm (re-airs Thursdays, 10pm-11pm) If yuO See Something, Say Something with Yassy Goldie. Connect and Feel the Golden Energy that flows throughout our wave lengths. Inform me dear listener of what yuO see and feel the Golden energy that flows throughout our appended wave lengths. Let us share with each other something which we discover together ...… Read the rest

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The Bomb Party

June 29, 2011 Program Director 0

Mondays, 7pm-8pm A haphazardly curated show that sometimes has a theme and sometimes doesn't.  There will be mistakes, dead air and drinking.  A love letter to 60's pop, 70's punk rock, 80's new wave and 90's indie rock.… Read the rest

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Exploring Spiritual Reality

June 29, 2011 Program Director 0

Tuesdays, 7pm-8pm Brian resides in the Boston area and works at Harvard University. In 2006 Brian began to give thought to “Spiritual Reality” consider it a importance and gain understanding. Now Brian works with Sandra to explore the subject with others.… Read the rest

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Departure Lounge

June 29, 2011 Program Director 0

http://departureloungeradio.wordpress.com/ A weekly Internet radio show and blog inspired by the experience of widowhood and fueled by our listeners’ stories. The first live broadcast will be Monday, February 7, from 7-8 pm EST. All shows will be uploaded as podcasts on the Tuesday following the live show. We'd love to hear your ...… Read the rest

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Cool Kids Club

June 29, 2011 Program Director 4

Mondays, 8pm-10pm DJs Matt, Alex, Athena, and occasionally Benny bring you the forgotten and misbegotten pop sounds of all history accompanied by musico- and socio-logical discussion and deconstruction and jokes. Past shows are archived at: http://coolkidsahoy.blogspot.com/ http://c00lkidsclub.tumblr.com/ Look at us on Facebook! Or just email us we are friendly: ckcradio@gmail.com… Read the rest