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On Friday, Nov. 1st at 8pm Boston Free Radio will be broadcasting a live performance of the Post-Meridian Radio Player’s current Halloween show, The Night of the Living Dead (nold.pmrp.org).

The free simulcast will transmit the audio portion of the show, but as the PMRP show is live audio drama listeners will still be able to follow the story completely.

This is the second time BFR and PMRP have co-operated, the first being a select number of PMRP shows that were broadcast two years ago as part of a Halloween radio show marathon.

PMRP is glad to be providing the show to people who are out of the Boston area or simply can’t make it to the performance.

The Night of the Living Dead live performances continue from Wednesday Oct. 30th through Saturday Nov. 2nd. More details about the organization can be found at www.pmrp.org.

2 Comments on “NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD” on BFR!

  1. FYI Note: the ‘Night of the Living Dead’ show opens with the wonderful “Ghost Hunt,” a short episode of the classic radio series, Suspense! And the live audience at-venue enjoys a 10 min intermission before ‘Night of the Living Dead’ itself starts.

  2. Break a leg! ….. er …. Strain your vocal chords!

    El mensaje es para mi sobrina Jaidi. Al otro lado, no quería avergonzarla excesivamente. Por eso, trato de comunicarme en español sin avergonzarme demasía.

    I’m excited about hearing “The Night ….” tonight!

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